Home Security

As we enter a period of unease and civil unrest it might be a good time to check over your home security to check it is up to scratch and you are protected from potential home invasion. A good local locksmith, like my colleague Chesterfield Locksmiths can help you maximize the security on your doors and windows to deter even the most enthusiastic burglar.

All windows should have handles that can be locked with a key. Large panes of single glazed glass will need bars installing to prevent break-ins. Pay particular attention to glazed panels in doors.

Timber doors should have a mortise deadlock fitted as a minimum level of security, possibly two if you have high value contents on your property. Add extra bolts for peace of mind when you are inside the property. uPVC and composite doors are generally very good security but ensure you upgrade to the very latest and highest rated cylinders as cheap contract cylinders are an easy target for intruders.

Consider investing in a large and angry dog. Run electric fencing around the perimeter of your property, and keep an assortment of weapons to hand. Plan for every eventuality.